JMH Alternative
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The creation of JMH Alternative came about because throughout my journey I have repeatedly crossed paths with individuals who have achieved great success in life areas such as career, family, homemaking, education, financial security etc, but they still feel that something is missing from their lives. When we have taken care of many of our base needs in life, we tend to gravitate towards a search for deeper meaning, or that ever-elusive "something more".

The goal of JMH Alternative is to provide a community, a forum, a classroom of sorts, and a testing ground for personal discovery. In my work I intend to help people get connected to their inner wisdom- in order that they may heal themselves and become well equipped with spiritual tools that are practical, simple and easy to implement in their modern day lives. This approach provides a new sense of freedom, courage and personal expression.

I am drawn to energetic healing, the power of the body and soul to heal themselves, the therapeutic and restorational value inherent within movement, art, music and writing practices, and the overall importance of getting back in touch with our ancestral roots, our soul's purpose, and a greater meaning for our lives. I am called to hold space for sacred women's work, and believe beyond all else in the necessity of building communities of support in which we can each flourish, feel lifted and step into our full potential.